About Us

SKYE INDUSTRIAL INC. began business in 1998, as a complete service industrial contractor. We have extensive experience contracting in today’s manufacturing facility. We understand the need for a turnkey general contractor to be flexible and still meet aggressive schedules. Scheduling around production or fast track projects to meet demanding deadlines, SKYE INDUSTRIAL INC. is able to respond to your needs.

SKYE INDUSTRIAL INC. offers excellent support.

SKYE INDUSTRIAL INC. is a service oriented company. We would be pleased to come to your facility and submit a proposal with schedules that will meet your specific requirements. Please feel free to call us anytime with your industrial contractor needs.

Skye Industrial - Steel Fabrication & Welding

SKYE INDUSTRIAL INC. offers many services.
Our diversity, multi-talented craftsmen, and excellent sub-contractors allow us to meet any requirement of the modern manufacturing facility.